Purpose of SECUREBIKE identification system:

  • The SECUREBIKE is a system of bicycle identification; it guarantees simple and quick identification in situations such as when a bicycle is found or when somebody wants to sell a bicycle.
  • The SECUREBIKE label affects neither the bicycle’s riding characteristics nor its appearance.
  • The SECUREBIKE label is not transferable to another bicycle.
  • The SECUREBIKE label is non-removable and it cannot be counterfeited (attempt to remove the label leads to its destruction and the appearance of the bicycle is spoilt).
  • The SECUREBIKE label can be easily verified by anyone (police, customs officers, shops, second hand shops, pawnshops, new purchaser). The verification is simple, quick and can be done anywhere.
  • The police force and customs officers will obtain all necessary information on the system and how to work with it.
  • The SECUREBIKE label is not expensive; therefore, it will spread rapidly and the functionality of the entire identification system will thus be enhanced.
  • The SECUREBIKE label will deter any potential thieves and prevent legalisation of a stolen bicycle.
  • Communication within the bicycle owners‘ community will be supported, thus further development of the system will be fostered; on-line chat rooms, entertainment, information sharing and theft disclosures.


What the SECUREBIKE system offers to bicycle manufacturers:

  • Bicycle traceability from the manufacturer through the vendor up to the end customer.
  • Preregistration in bicycle database according to the manufacturer’s requirements (brand, model, serial number, colour)
  • Registration of bicycle sales/purchases.
  • Registration of guarantee and post-guarantee servicing.
  • Information on purchase and use of bicycles according to particular areas (cities, states etc.)
  • Possibility of registration of other information according to the manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Sales network monitoring.
  • Possibility to use contact information of owners of particular bicycle brands for promotional purposes or invitations to participate in competitions etc.
  • Provision of regular reports on all registered bicycles of a given brand.


Application of the holographic SECUREBIKE label:

  • The security holographic label is to be applied (together with other labels) on the bike’s frame, under the protective varnish.
  • It must be applied on a place which is well visible so that the QR code can be easily downloaded and the alphanumeric code read.
  • Once the label is varnished over, it cannot be removed or covered with another label without damaging the varnish or bicycle frame.


Information contained in the bicycle database:

  • The first information is entered into the database in the bicycle shop where the purchaser fills in a basic registration form.
  • The information in the database may be public or hidden.
  • Mandatory information: manufacturer, type of bicycle, serial number, colour.
  • Mandatory information on the owner: Contact information (email, telephone).
  • Optional information on the owner: name, address, racing team.
  • Optional information on the bicycle: accessories and other particularities.
  • Optional bicycle photos: photo(s) showing the bicycle and details of its accessories can be placed into the database.
  • Further information: day of purchase, guarantee inspection date, information on any potential repairs and information on any subsequent servicing of the bicycle.
  • In case of a theft, the bike is labelled as stolen and visibly marked in the database.
  • In case that an enquiry related to a particular bicycle appears in the database, the owner will be informed.
  • In case that an enquiry related to a particular stolen bicycle appears in the database, the local police will be informed immediately.

Pricing conditions of the SECUREBIKE system for manufacturers:

  • The purpose of the system is to register as many bicycles as possible – not only in Europe, but globally.
  • Therefore, the price is set in a way making sure that it does not burden our customers. The SECUREBIKE label price includes the entire system service for the whole functional life of the given bicycle.
  • The price is set in a way which makes the system competitive with other databases using bicycle serial numbers which are operated in Europe and elsewhere.


How does the SECUREBIKE label work?

  • For quick identification, the label features a QR code linked to our database. It also shows a text prompting to visit our website securebike.eu.
  • The website is linked to the bicycle database, it also provides information on the bicycle identification system, on bicycle manufacturers that use the database, on where the labels are located and which models use them.
  • The bicycle manufacturer may use the database information for various promotional events or competitions.

Composition of the SECUREBIKE label:

  • The system consists of a security holographic label with a QR code and an alphanumeric code. The label is made in resolution of 125,000 DPI and it includes security holographic elements preventing its falsification.
  • Safety database for bicycle registration and easy identification in case a bicycle is found, sold etc. The database contains information on the bicycle, basic contact information of the owner and a photo of the bicycle. The database can be accessed anytime and anywhere. The identification is then very quickly performed by a special smart phone, tablet or PC application.
  • The bicycle protection can be complemented and enhanced by other features such as special UV varnish containing holographic micro-particles which is applied to individual bicycle components for identification purposes, NFC tag, UV pen and Bluetooth chip (purchased and applied by the bicycle owner)

Design of the SECUREBIKE label for bicycle manufacturers:


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