What the application offers to bicycle owners:

With the SECUREBIKE application you can register your bicycles. The label has either been already applied by the manufacturer (under the final layer of varnish) or it will be applied at the vendor’s or repair shop where your bicycle will also be registered into the system.
With the SECUREBIKE application you can communicate with your repair shop and sort out potential claims, repairs or service inspections. Use the Contact Repair Shop button and select the repair shop which best suits your needs. A map of repair shops is provided here. It is a useful tool when you are on a holiday. With the application, you can view all former repairs and parts replacements. The Bicycle Service Book contains all basic information on the bicycle, its current parts and history of repairs and inspections. A photo, video or file can be attached to your servicing request.
In case your bicycle gets lost, you can mark it as stolen in the database. When you report the theft to the police, all information on your bicycle is conveniently stored in your telephone. The theft is registered by our system and any time anyone submits an enquiry related to the bicycle (QR code scan, VIN code entry), we will provide you all information related to such submission. When making the enquiry, it is possible to send GPS coordinates by one click. This information can then be passed on to the Police.
When you sell your bicycle, it can be transferred to a new owner in our system. When selling the bicycle, you can show the Service Book as a proof of the bicycle’s good state. One owner can register several bicycles.

How to go about it?

First we will need your registration into the SECUREBIKE system. Please fill in the necessary information. The standard data which we need are your email, city and country. In order to facilitate search for your bicycle in case of a theft, it is advisable to provide more data for which you can use the other data entry fields of the system. When an enquiry about your bicycle is made, the information about you is not visible. You can yourself decide if the information about your person will be visible in the system or not.
Please perform the registration at button REGISTRATION.
Then use the LOG IN button to enter the system. Register your bike on your Owner’s Card, use the „New bicycle registration“ option. Choose the „Register a bicycle with label“ option. Enter the label number and confirm. On the Bicycle Card, you can add information related to your bicycle such as specify accessories and upload photos.
The SECUREBIKE team wishes you many pleasant miles on your bicycle.