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Application description for vendors and repair shops:

With the SECUREBIKE application you can register new bicycles at purchase and bicycles serviced by your repair shop. The label has either been already applied by the manufacturer (under the final layer of varnish) or it can be applied and registered into the system at your shop. When you register a bike, your shop will then be at the first position in a list of shops offered to the bicycle owner when he/she performs a service request in the system. Your shop will also be marked in a map offered by the system. When the bicycle is registered, you can invite the owner for future service inspections on a date suitable for you. With the SECUREBIKE application you can communicate with the bicycle owner and sort out potential claims, repairs and service inspections. In case of more complex requests, the manufacturer can be invited to join the communication. All former repairs and part replacements can be viewed for a given bicycle. The Bicycle Service Book contains all basic information on the bicycle, its current parts and history of requests. A photo, video or file can be attached to your servicing request.


First, it is necessary to register at Use the Shop/Repair Shop button and then Registration where you will have to fill in a form.

You can access the system through our website or enter into your browser.

Fill in the log-in data which have been sent to your email box. Once you have logged in, you can use all the system functions. A detailed manual has been sent to you by email.